Saturday, 24 November 2012

To Kerry

My thoughts on this are late.  HOWEVER... I'm working on the basis that as a fellow twin Mummy, Kerry would appreciate that sometimes things go to plan..but more often, when you have twins et al, they don't!

I first came across Kerry's blog shortly after I started my blog.  I launched into my own blog without ever really reading other blogs, a handful, at best.  I had no idea, for example, that there is an entire world of bloggers "out there".   Only when I'd written a few posts here, did I start to have a look around.

And one of the first blogs I found, was Kerry's.  I did what I always do -  I read the intro/biography and then read from the beginning.  I found her posts honest, loving & hilarious at times, and loved her blog description of "because eight arms are never enough".  Yes, as a fellow twin Mummy with another little one, I recognised that feeling!

But then I read the more current posts, where suddenly she stopped writing.  Her husband wrote instead.  He told Kerry's blog readers that she's suffered an aneurysm, and was seriously poorly.  And from there, my real relationship with her blog began.

We might be friends, through the twin Mummy thing.  But instead, as well as being a Mummy of multiples, I am also someone who has experienced the lightening strike of a brain aneurysm.  In 2003, my Mum had one...several hours later, she died in hospital.  In 2010, my Dad also had one...a couple of hours later, he died in hospital.  Both my parents were happy & entirely healthy.... both my parents were, within a matter of hours from the outset of their aneurysms...gone.   I quote my brother here "I thought lightening didn't strike the same place twice".

I don't mean this a glum reflection on the prognosis for Kerry, I mean this as a very positive thing.  She got through her "lightening strike".... she's made progress.  She's had a big setback, and currently has been moved back from her local hospital to her regional one.

But she's battling, she's fighting.  She's here. There are so many reasons to be positive and hopeful.  Recovery will be a long journey, but recovery is where she is heading.

I cannot imagine what her husband is going through.  I cannot imagine what her children are going through (though I do also know that children are so very resilient), that Multiple Daddy needs only to know & be reassured that he is doing just fine in terms of supporting & guiding their children through this indescribably difficult time - but if support is offered along the way, MultipleDaddy, then never turn it down, as it is only a potentially positive thing for you all, a different outlet,  and never a reflection on your ability to cope, simply an additonal support for all of your well being at the moment; likewise if things are hard then there are organisations who can offer support to your little folk - you are never, ever, needing to cope with all of this on your own.

So, join with me... say a prayer, or wish on a whatever you do when times are hard, because we ALL, each and every single one of us, believe in something - and right now, the important thing is to wish Kerry a good, smooth recovery from hereon, and to wish that she will be back with her family as soon as can be possible.



  1. This is a very moving message. Did you put it out on twitter and tag multiple daddy? I am sure he would be encouraged and feel supports by this.....

  2. Katie pollyrabbit3 December 2012 at 12:30

    Hi Suzanne, thank you. Yes Liska (@newmumonline) added it to her blog-hop on the recent #healingforkerry night. I believe MultipleDaddy is aiming to read all the messages..though I daresay it may take him some time. x