Monday, 19 November 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful


I'm joining in the Reasons To Be Cheerful linky again this week, hosted by MummyFromTheHeart.

After a short period of time of feeling unexpectedly & inexplicably glum, I am feeling  much brighter and more positive again, and wanted to share my Reasons To Be Cheerful, which are also the reasons why my mood has lifted;

1. A visit from a good friend -  A good friend of mine and 2 of her children visited me last week.  In my miserable mood, I was so tempted to cancel her visit, feeling I wouldn't be good company.  But she's a stubborn friend; the type who if I cancelled would probably still turn up anyway, so I kept our "date".  I am so glad that I did.  Not only was it lovely to spend time with her and her family, as always, but I found myself catching & sharing her excitement as she makes big plans for the future. It was also good to chat through a couple of my worries and challenges at the moment, and be reminded that every family has its battles.  It was a lovely day.

2. The support from my husband - I had one of those "Where is my life going?" conversations with Andy (my husband) last week.  It didn't result in any answers or plans, but I did realise that whatever I do in life, whatever decisions I make, Andy will always support me.  Once I do decide where I'm going (metaphorically speaking), I know that whatever path I take will be so much easier knowing I have his support behind me.  I realise I am very lucky.

3. A day at the park - A day at the park, before the twins started school, was a regular occurrence.  But since they've been at school we rarely do anything on a school-night, especially now the nights are getting dark earlier (maybe a play in the garden but even that is becoming a rarity).  Weekends are a mixture of relaxing, seeing friends or family and trying desperately to keep on top of housework/laundry and ever-growing to-do lists.  Yesterday afternoon, we decided, on a whim, to abandon all jobs & chores and take the children to the park for the afternoon.  It was cold, it was muddy, but the children (and the grown-ups) had a fab time.  We all came back covered in mud & giggling.  It was a precious afternoon, and a reminder of how unimportant the dusting really is.

So come on, your turn, what are your Reasons To Be Cheerful...?


  1. I do love those stubborn friends that end up making your day! x

  2. it is amazing how much good it does us to get out to the park for a play. i wish we did it more often too. Today the weather was pretty great but we ended up caught up indoors which is a shame. Sometimes it is good to just get wellies on and be prepared for the mud like you say, and just go for it. x