Thursday, 30 August 2012

School Uniform - "Here's One I Made Earlier"

Our twins L (girl) and H (boy) are starting school next week.  It’s a very exciting time for us all.

L has all her uniform hanging neatly in her wardrobe, shoes polished & various co-ordinating hairbands arranged (and re-arranged on an almost daily basis) on her bedside table.

But H..well, we’ve had a bit of a problem.  I can confidently say that he has tried on every potential pair of trousers in every single shop in town.  Unlike his sister, he is small in stature, and has the added problem of having no hips or bottom.  Well he does, but for the purposes of trousers, they are too small to do the job that nature intended.
Trousers aimed for the “average” 2 year old which take into account a lack of hips are far too short.  Trousers aimed for the “average” 3 year old are both too long (nothing wonder-web wouldn’t fix though) and also look ridiculously big in the bottom/front. He looks, if I’m honest, like a miniature clown in them. 

There are just six days left until they start school.  And unless H grows the parts of his body required to fit into school trousers properly between now and then, I am tempted to resort to what I can do best – dig out some coloured paper, crayons & sticky tape, and fashion some sort of garment for him from those.  Sequins, pipe-cleaners & googly eyes optional.