Thursday, 13 September 2012

Temporary Silence

So after making a good start with this blogging malarky, I have slipped behind in the last 2 weeks and have struggled to find the time to write.

It's only a temporary silence - honest - it is a time of lots of changes and exciting new adventures in our family.

The twins (H&L) have started school; the baby (M) has started nursery; the husband has started his new working hours (some from home; some in the office & various other locations) and I have returned to the workforce for the first time since losing Polly, starting a brand new job.

I'm happy to report that all our new adventures are going well, and I'm especially pleased (and relieved) to write that the twins love school so far, even though they are almost translucent with tiredness (despite their new 6pm bedtime).

So, while I get a little more used to the whirlwind mornings and the frazzled evenings; the production lines of lunch boxes and uniforms; the logistics involved in ensuring we're all where we're meant to be at the right time, I may not have much time to write.

I fully intend the blogging to resume in a week or so's time. 

'Til then, here's a pic of  the fun baby M is having this morning... I am trying to pack for a weekend away camping (yes, I know, it was one of those things that seemed a really good idea at the time) and while I'm whizzing around hunting for woolly hats, thick jumpers and blankets, baby M has spent the last hour happily building towers with various cups, bowls & beakers - who needs expensive toys eh.  ;-)

"Speak" soon.....


  1. Very cute! And what a spotless floor too!

  2. It's always the things that are the simplest that keep them amused them for hours and hours isn't it xx