Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Night cream is for...crisps

Something a little unpredicted fell into my shopping basket today.  It has crossed my mind for a while now to make that big leap; I have tried to resist it, but obviously my subconscious mind took hold over my conscious mind today.

I work in an office.. and as with every office I've ever known, it can be a dry environment; I talk a lot (it's my job to do so!) and since working there I have noticed my skin has been quite dry.

I've tried the obvious tricks... a bit of fresh air, moisturising regularly, drinking plenty of fluids, etc.  Yet still, my face especially feels dry.

So today I became the owner of one small jar of night cream.

For the record, for anyone who happens to visit my house and spot my little blue pot by my bedside (why are they always blue?)..... my reason for having it there is simply because I often get hungry in the night and turn to crisps.  Any seasoned crisp-muncher needs a dip.... what more can I say....

I don't remember my Mum ever having "night cream".  I do, however, vividly remember my Nan having some.

Crisps, crisps is my reason..... we'll say no more on this matter....

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